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It is with great sadness that TEACHO shares the news of the sudden and unexpected passing away of Professor Dr. Daryll Hull, Executive Chair, on 30 September 2021.

Acting Chair of TEACHO, Paul Ryan, remembered Daryll as ‘a genuine person, who took a lifelong interest in proper IR and will be missed by all who knew him’. With unanimous support from the Directors of TEACHO, he has pledged to carry on Daryll’s work in his memory.

Daryll was a rare human being. His creativity, positivity and compassion will live on through the work he had completed in his career, and in the numerous projects currently underway, in which he was, and will remain a driving force. A man of high moral standards, he was concerned with justice for all people regardless of their background or standing, and dedicated much of his life, personally and professionally in the pursuit of improving the lives of others.

Arthur Tzaneros, Chief Executive Officer, ACFS Port Logistics, remarked that ‘his passion to create positive change and help the broader community was unrivalled’. These sentiments were echoed by Michael Quinlan Emeritus Professor, University of New South Wales, who proclaimed Daryll ‘an unequivocal force for good at a time when such people are desperately needed’, and ‘simply a great human being’.

With a stellar career spanning over four decades, at the time of his passing, Daryll was Executive Chair, TEACHO; Co-Director, Centre for Workforce Futures at Macquarie University; Chair of Engage Marine; President and Treasurer of Future Ports 2050 Incorporated; and Managing Director of the Transport and Logistics Centre (TALC). Not one to rest, he was continually looking for new projects and opportunities, whilst being available for people seeking to tap into his unique suite of skills and pool of knowledge.

Daryll was a mentor for many, and a go-to person for individuals and groups across numerous industries seeking advice — be they academics, students, politicians, regulators, unions, executives, blue-collar or white-collar workers. Daryll was truly a man of the people, who offered all who knew him great respect, and as a result earned the respect of anyone who had the pleasure of meeting him.

Elizabeth Ferrier, Group Head Employee and Industrial Relations, Toll Group, said that ‘he was certainly a man from whom you came out of every conversation a little more knowledgeable, and with a broader view, and that is something to be grateful for’.

As the Executive Chair of TEACHO Ltd., Daryll is remembered for his energy and vision in pursuing research, capability development and skills building to improve health and safety for workers across the transport industry and beyond. This included the continued development of the BlueCard Skills Training Passport to improve safety standards for transport workers; Steering Heathy Minds, an initiative to promote Mental Health across the transport industry; and research into regulation and safety within supply chains in the transport and logistics sector.

WorkCover Queensland CEO, Bruce Watson, praised Daryll’s commitment to addressing the issue of mental health, stating, ‘Daryll not only had the intellect to foresee what was needed in terms of mental health peer support for the industry, but his compassion and drive ensured that all those who worked with him also shared his enthusiasm and desire to do good’.

Tributes flowed in from key transport industry figures, praising Daryll’s tireless work in the sector and lamenting the loss. President of the International Transport Workers Federation and National Secretary of the Maritime Union of Australia, Paddy Crumlin stated, ‘in our industry, he persevered against the politicisation of issues which belied the importance of training, to the construction and meeting of the aspirations of transport workers’, remarking that Daryll always remained calm and philosophical when faced with opposition.

Michael Kaine, TEACHO Board Member and National Secretary of the Transport Workers Union (TWU) provided a concise and accurate assessment of Daryll, simply saying, ‘he made a real difference’.

TEACHO remains committed to serving the transport industry and will strive to continue the exceptional work of Dr Daryll Hull, with passion and commitment in his honour.

Vale Daryll Hull.

Daryll Hull